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Simple PDF Creator converts documents, that is prepared with its integrated text editor, to PDF (Portable Document Format) with one click. If you want, you can save your documents in SPF (Simple Project File) format for further modifications. Working With Integrated Text Editor 1. Create a blank page with New Project buton. 2. Prepare your document by using text toolbar in Simple PDF Creator's user-friendly interface. 3. You can save the text you prepared with Save button as SPF file for further modifications. 4. If you want, you can immediately convert it to PDF by clicking Create PDF Now! button. Frequently Asked Questions · What is the limitation in this software? Unless you do not buy the software, there will be a red frame that writes software name at the top and bottom of pages of the PDF files you created. By purchasing this software you can remove those frames; or you can continue to use it for free with this limitation. · Does program support "Unicode Character Set"? Yes. Program supports unicode characters completely and converts properly. · Can I add tables or pictures to my documents? Not for now. In this 1.0 release, there is no table and picture support. We are working for the new release in which this feature will be added. · How can I be informed about new software updates? The new releases are announced in software developer's web site. In addition, licensed users are always informed with e-mail for new releases. Purchased users never pay extra fee for new releases and updates.

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